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Training To Failure For The Advanced Athlete

Suprirse, surprise, surprise! -- Gomer Pyle In this article I'll be talking about training to momentary muscular failure and how you can adapt it to better suit the more advanced or veteran trainee.  Keep in mind this article is NOT targeted towards strength training athletes such as Olympic Lifters, Power Lifters, or Body builders. All three sports, well... two sports and a freak show have distilled down the training that is generally accepted as the most successful per each activity and I won't go into that here other than to say, at the highest level of those sports it's the genetically gifted and the pharma enhanced that are competing so their methodologies really don't apply all that well to the high school sport setting. Training to Failure for the Beginner In the beginning training to failure is easy. The subject doesn't have any background in strength training or understand perceived effort in any meaningful way. Training to failure is a great way to start o

New Lift, The Dead Bug Bench Press

Stupid Is as Stupid Does / Look it's the dead bug bench! What the hell motivates people to this level of stupidity. Brainless personal trainers? An article in a supplement magazine? What?