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TNT - It's Dynamite!

For the chemists out there, they might think of trinitrotoluene when they see TNT, the rest of us though,  probably just think of dynamite. However, there is another meaning you should know.  It is an acronym that stands for Truth Not Trends .  TNT is an evidence based podcast site featuring podcasts from renowned exercise authorities such as Mark Asanovich, Wayne Westcott, and Michael Bradley et al. Their mission and values have similarities to StrongerAthletes, but with a stronger focus on the individual.  No nonsense and a strong focus on the clients health and goals. To promote health and prevent disease through strength training in the safest, and most efficient way humanly possible. To help people become the best version of themselves. Promoting individual strength through evidence-based progressive overload training. Supporting individual health through evidence-based nutritional counseling. Strengthening communities by connecting practitioners of the evidence-based, high inte