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Less is More, More or Less

What is the optimal amount of strength training? The short answer is the least you can do while making credible gains. Why would you do more? Like anything we pursue in life strength training has a point of diminishing returns. At some point x in no longer equals y out. Eventually 2x in starts to equal y out, then 3x and 4x in. Think of recovery like a cup. The more volume you add the more the recovery cup empties to get you ready for the next workout. If you have more volume than the recovery cup can handle, you aren't recovered by the time the next workout comes. Life is very busy for the high school athlete. There are numerous demands on their time. In addition to the normal academic demands, athletes have sport demands. Sport demands can further be broken down into strength training demands. Everything is cumulative. So if you can save some time somewhere, it's a good thing. Time saved can be shifted to be utilized to improve another area the athlete needs improvement in. A