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Dumbbells for Training Athletes

There are plenty of ways to train your athletes. Barbells, Machines, Bands... basically anything that provides resistance to the targeted muscles. Of course dumbbells belong on that list as well, simply because they provide resistance too. However there are some reasons to look a little closer at what dumbbells bring to the table. I will point out that some of the advantages or unique points to training with a dumbbell are also true of resistance bands or cable / pully machines. For most schools though, a complete set of dumbbells will be a better investment than cable/pully machines as the machines tend to be focused on a single or only a very few movements. Dumbbells and resistance bands are not limited in the same sense and offer a plethora of possibilities that more specific machines and modalities don't Some advantages or unique properties of Dumbbells Cost - Dumbbells typically cost less than barbells and plates which in turn cost less than machines. They are offer a lot of