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Squats - We Can Do Better!

"Morality is contraband in war." -Mahatma Gandhi Question the importance of squats on any lifting forum on the net and typically youll get back a range of responses from necessary evil to better than sliced bread. Some people love pushing the squat so much theyll tell you you need to do it if you want a bigger chest or arms. And then a breath or two later explain the principle of SAID (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) without blinking. Squats, though a good leg exercise aren't necessarily the best choice for every single athlete that comes through the doors of the weight room. In other words, as we stated in a previous article, We would like to emphasize that there is nothing magical about placing a bar across ones back to develop lower body strength. Whether or not the squat is the right choice depends on several things: Does the movement fit the subjects body. Is he 6'10" or 5'10"? Do you have a safe setup for performing squats? If a power rack