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Jim Bryan's New Site

Jim Bryan, long time strength training enthusiast and trainer, all around good guy and friend of ours has updated his site. In case you are not aware of who Jim is, here is a little bit of his bio from his site. "Jim Bryan. 50 years of experience and Certified by National Federation of Professional Trainers and Accredited by NCCA/NOCA. Author of dozens of articles for print and online Fitness, Strength, and Conditioning magazines. Contributor to" Check out Jim Bryan's Strength Department

Joe DeFranco on Olympic Lifts for Athletes

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half-shut afterwards.   -Benjamin Franklin Joe Defranco over at answers questions from his readers. This one caught my eye. Specifically and athlete asks him about the importance of Olympic lifts for training athletes. Q: First of all, great site coach! Strength and Conditioning is a passion of mine and here in CT, I wish more of us shared the same passion. Anyways, I had a quick question for you about lifting for football. I play OLB at Central Connecticut. I see most schools are very in tuned to using Olympic lifting as a large part of their strength programs. From your site, I see that you don’t use any Olympic lifts like cleans, snatches or jerks. But I also see that your athletes are ANIMALS! Just curious on your thoughts. Keep up the good work and any info you could give me would be great. Sincerely, Brian A: Brian, You are correct; I do feel that the Olympic lifts are highly overrated. Yet, you are also correc

Stability Balls Are Unsafe for Strength Training

“I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.”  -A. Whitney Brown That's one conclusion to be drawn from this posting . Francisco Garcia was injured in 2009 when a ball he was balancing on while lifting burst. In the article the Sacramento Kings are seeking to recover several million in damages. This is certainly understandable from the perspective that they did suffer damages because their player was injured and could not perform. The Kings owner has smartly prohibited the use of stability balls in his athletes training protocol. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to realize that sitting on something soft and inflatable and trusting it not to pop is always a safe bet. In fact we talked about such nonsense a long time ago. A long time, as in nearly a decade ago. Swiss Ball Super Tool Safety: Swiss Ball Example Take a look at The Swiss Ball Plyometric Depth Jumping Experiment. This is a very funny example of the absurdity of many