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Squat Thoughts and Alternatives

Matty Noordberg wrote us: Hi Coach Rody, I would like to share some thoughts on the squat after more than 25 years of lifting and trying out a lot of exercises and set/rep/duration schemes. 1. it is indeed questionable if loading the spine with a lot of weight on your neck when doing squats that it is a safe thing to do 2. a very simple alternative would be to do 1-leg squats when you want to train the legs/hips and want to avoid excessive loads on your shoulders I use the following arithmetic: when a person weighs 100 kg. his upper-body weight will be around 70 kg. and his legs will weigh around 15 kg. each (for the average person). When doing a 1-leg squat bodyweight only the weight moved by the working leg will be 85 kg. per rep (70 kg upper body + 15 kg. for the non-working leg which is kept off the floor and is used as additional weight to move.) This 1-leg squat bodyweight only is equal to a traditional squat with 100 kg. on the shoulders (100 kg weight + 70 kg bodyweight divide