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Bench Press Safety

With the advent of USC football player Stafon Johnson's benching accident this week, Stronger Athletes would like to remind coaches that all lifts whether ballistic or not need to have the utmost in safety precautions taken. It sounds like Stafon is going to be fine and did have spotters at the time so it goes to show you that accidents can and will happen. On a more general note with bench pressing, we'd like to also address one of the stupidest practices we see employed in the performance of the bench press, the THUMBLESS grip. It should be called the brainless grip. We have opposable thumbs! They help us hold onto things. Heavy bars with weight on them included. Watch this video of a thumbless grip. Any questions? Also note how having a spotter didn't help a bit. Also to note lift offs can be a hazard point too. Sometimes the people doing the lift off simply deadlift the bar off the rack and more or less drop it into the lifters hands. A safer method is for th