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Nature vs. Nurture and Olympic Style Strength Training

"Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves."  Dale Carnegie If you follow strength training as it relates to athlete’s one thing is certain. Many people will tell you the best way to strength train to improve an athlete’s performance is to build the foundation of your program on Olympic lifting style movements. The reasoning is that these “quick lifts” enhance explosiveness in the athlete rather than teaching slow strength as other forms of lifting are considered by the quick lift proponents. Here we lay out some of the myths perpetuated as reason athletes should embrace this style of strength training. Myth 1: Olympic lifters when tested, were the best group of athletes for vertical jump, so it follows that your athlete’s should train that way as well. Reality 1: Olympic lifters are Olympic lifters because they have nervous systems that inherently (that means without ever touching a barbell) allow them to jump higher or be more explosive than the a