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Sample High Intensity Workout for Athletes

"Pleasure in the job put perfection in the work. Aristotle A Sample High Intensity Workout Fred Cantor, Head Strength Coach at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, suggested that we post some sample workouts that coaches can use with their teams. The purpose of articles such as this one is NOT to assume that this is the perfect workout. Each coach must work within the elements that he is given. What follows is the workout plan that we are using this summer with our athletes. The workout card includes these lifts in the order they are presented, however, we do individualize the workout for certain kids. For example, one kid is having knee surgery this summer so we have isolated his healthy leg on lower body movements. Other kids are comfortable with the squat rather than the leg press, however we are strongly encouraging them to use the leg press. On movements that can be done using a variety of equipment we are encouraging the kids to choose what they like the best and st