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Muscle Fiber Recruitment-Again

"The sole advantage of power is that you can do more good." –Baltasar Gracian With the help of several strength coaches we put together this comprehensive article on Muscle Fiber Recruitment. We are very thankful for the help we received from a several of coaches across the country who helped us put this article together. Namely, Coach Tom Kelso and his staff at University of Illinois-Chicago. Some did not wish to receive credit for their help as they do not want to receive the "ranting" e-mail that come with taking a stand for safe, productive and efficient training. The topic of Muscle-Fiber Recruitment is an important element of why we train our athletes the way we do. However, this topic, like others in the strength training world can be confusing and misleading for many coaches. With the help of these coaches, who are considered experts in the field, we will make a further attempt to clear up this issue. Coaches, please take the time to educate yourself on i