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Teach Athletes the Right Way

"You can't make a great play unless you do it first in practice." –Chuck Noll We at observe athletes in-season and off-season quite frequently. Many of these athletes really do not understand how to properly get in shape for their sport. For example, any coach that sees a football player running lap after lap on the track should be stopped and taught the correct way to train, assuming the football coach has not not instructed the athlete to run those laps. The athlete would be much better off doing sprints of varying distances with varying recovery periods between sprints. These athletes are very appreciative of coaches that take the time to help them. Another example. We heard a baseball coach proudly claim that he made his athletes run 5 miles yesterday. Why? Wouldn't they be much better off running sprints at the distance that are required in their sport? Also they can do shuttle type of agility drills for movements that they will do in ba

Dear Stronger Athletes: Squats

"The outcome of the war is in our hands; the outcome of words is in the council." -Homer Dear Coach, Thanks for your article on the squat. [March 8, 2003] I concur with you. The potential danger with this exercise is two-fold, I believe. First, compressive forces are placed upon the spinal column due to the nature of the bar on the shoulder. Our disks are like shock absorbers and compress with force.  Over time, excessive compression could lead to bulging disks. Second, again due to the nature of the bar placement, as the load increases the trunk must work harder to prevent flexion or forward lean during descent. This also places stress on the vertebrae. However, it is the combination of both compression and flexion during descent that creates the most problems for the lower spine L-4, 5, 6 and S-1. I'd like to share a brief story. Several years ago, I was discussing strength training with a friend of mine who is an assistant football coach for a large, suburban Chicago

CCU Joins Our List

Happy St. Patrick's Day CCU Joins Our List of Teams Using Safe Training Methods Hi Coach, Would it be possible for you to add us to your college/university list of schools. We too subscribe to this type of training and have been associated with many coaches of the teams (pro and college) that you have listed on your site. Thanks, Al Jean Head Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coastal Carolina University Al, You've been added. S.A.

Another Safe Training College / Squat Update

"Associate with people of good qualities: it is better to be alone than in bad company." –Proverb Dear Coach, I just happened to come across your web site and wanted to let you know that Fairfield University up in Connecticut has been training safe and effective for two years now. I am the Director of the Strength and Conditioning Program and have had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the field: John Philbin, Dan Riley, Mark Asanovich and Jeff Watson. All of these individuals have helped me become the Strength and Conditioning Coach that I am and I have continued to use what they have taught me. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that there are more of us out there. Professionally Yours, Mark Spellman Director of Strength and Conditioning Fairfield University Mr. Spellman, Thank you for the information. We'll add Fairfield to our Teams Page. We are finding more and more Teams all the time that have the same philosophy. We have had great support

More Teams Training Smart

"An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules." –II Timothy 2:5 Some followers of our website have recently become concerned that we are being misleading with the purpose of our Teams Page. We feel that it is important for readers to understand that we are not affiliated in any way with the teams listed, except for the two we directly coach. If a school or team is listed it simply means that they currently, or at one time, have trained with methods similar to our own, NOT our own. These teams have had coaches who believe in safety, efficiency, and strength productivity while producing better athletes. We include some new teams to add to the list: "Could you add Minnetonka High School to the list of non-Olympic high schools... thanks." Luke Carlson, Strength & Conditioning/Fitness Coordinator, Minnetonka High School, Minnetonka, MN Coach Carlson and his brother Ryan are hosting the 2003 Strength & Science Seminar in Minneapolis, MN.